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  • CIBC TFSA Interest Rate Drop

    I was alerted that CIBC has just recently dropped its interest rate for its “CIBC TFSA Tax Advantage Savings Account” by 0.5%. Originally it was 3% and as you can see today it is 2.5%: This bank definitely still has one of the highest transfer fees too at $100.

  • PC Financial Lowers Its TFSA Interest Rate Again

    This is getting a little silly I must say when it comes to the interest rate for PC Financial. Not too long ago I posted how they dropped its interest rate from 3.75% to 3.05%. Today, I discovered that it dropped yet again to 2.55% as you can see here: At this rate, I wouldn’t…

  • PC Financial Drops Its TFSA Interest Rate

    Wow, this happened way faster than I thought. As many may know, PC Financial’s TFSA interest rate was a fairly high 3.75%. Just recently though, I visited the site and discovered that the interest rate for its “Tax-Free Interest Plus” plan has been dropped to 3.05% as you can see in this screenshot: I suppose…