ING Direct Goes To 3% For The New Years

Happy new years everyone! This was kind of a good change as I saw today that ING Direct has decided to increase its tax free savings account rate to 3%.

As indicated on the fine print too, “Rate as at January 1, 2010 and (like the weather) is subject to change. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.” This is currently the highest interest rate offered to my knowledge though. Not a bad way to start 2010.

One response to “ING Direct Goes To 3% For The New Years”

  1. this is the way to go. but i check their website over and over and they never printed how much is the closing fee? like i wanna withdraw all my money.
    for example, coast capital charges 1.5% on their TFSA and closing fee of $55. cibc charges higher, 2% interest but also higher closing fee, $100. hence in the end coast capital beats cibc. scotiabank is pathetic 1.25% and they never tell in their website how much is the closing fee. now, so its obvious that ING direct is the best to invest for tfsa, but how much is the closing/withdrawal fee? once we know that then we can decide…

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