PC Financial Early Bird Incentive Interest Rate Bonus

I have been getting word that some people who have signed up for PC Financial’s TFSA plan before the official launch date got some kind of bonus interest incentive. It is not too much by the sounds of it, but free money is always nice especially since this bank in particular has dropped its rates pretty dramatically in a quick time.

At this point I’m not sure exactly how they calculate this bonus, but for those who signed up before January 2nd you might want to check your statement online to see if you got this bonus as well.

3 responses to “PC Financial Early Bird Incentive Interest Rate Bonus”

  1. same for me! I invested the full 5 grand to get that… I transferred funds into that TFSA on Jan 2…

  2. Yep!! I opened my account on Dec. 31st, and I transferred all my money over on Jan 1st. This interest helps to make up for the drop in interest rates for sure! I’m making almost 2.98, while regular accounts are making around 1.45.

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